Location: Vixen Point, virgin Gorda

The sun rose today over a very hot and still North Sound. Turquoise water and bright blue sky set the backdrop for a morning knots class, followed by a pinrail chase. The crew was split up into their respective watch teams and then challenged to find one of the dozens of lines onboard before the other watch teams. Watch team two, Mike, Emily and Kyle, won handily. After that we came back together as a crew and headed to the white sand beach at Vixen Point to play teamwork beach games and talk about personal goals for the trip. For the afternoon we turned it over to the science staff for an interactive demo of all the science gear aboard. This served as a primer for students to start thinking about their research projects which they will be conducting over the course of the trip. Once all the scheduled activities were over, it was all backflips over the side and relaxing in the hammocks.