Location: Gorda Sound

Today was a day filled with time spent in the water. We started off after breakfast with the open water divers continuing their first few dives, while the rescue divers practiced rescuing panicking and unconscious divers. The victims had to be located and brought to the surface, and then revived with CPR. The water time continued after lunch with some snorkeling in the mangroves. We measured how many different organisms were in a certain area for our marine biology class. When we weren’t up counting and measuring, we could snorkel around and look at different animals. We found a huge hermit crab living in a conch shell, as well as a jellyfish and lots of fish. We came back and showered, continuing with the water theme. Some of us took the time to do flips and dives off the edge and the rigging of Ocean Star. We then had a few hours of free time, and we were able to pick up a Wi-Fi signal from a nearby resort. Most of us took the opportunity to communicate with friends and family back home. The day finished with a pesto pasta dinner and the open water divers took some PADI quizzes.