Location: Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

It has been another epic day for the crew of Ocean Star. Fueled by a delectable French Toast breakfast, we spent the morning diving at Mountain Point. The open water class honed their skills during their second open water dive, while the rescue class perfected the art of saving a fellow diver under a variety of circumstances. We saw some true theatrical talent from Mike and Kyle, who helped out the class by playing the “victims” for our budding rescuers and got a bit too much satisfaction from trying to drown them. It was pretty fun to watch. In the afternoon, we raised sail and tacked our way to Gorda Sound. The crew is starting to remember where to find the lines around the boat, what a halyard does, and learning to speak the language Ocean Star understands to keep her pointed in the right direction. We held a man overboard drill as we sailed into Gorda Sound to help sharpen our skills and recovered our victim without any hiccups and major kudos to the crew. Once anchored, we broke out the flips and creative jumps off the ratlines and had some general fun with shower time. This evening we’ll be reviewing some of our diving knowledge in anticipation of some more in the water fun tomorrow. It’s been a good day!