Location: Deep Bay Antigua

We had an early start to the day with a 6:30AM wake up to get passage prep done before breakfast. As Ash, Adelaide, and Calum prepared a delicious granola and yogurt breakfast, the rest of the crew prepped Ocean Star to sail. This mean topping the booms, getting clothes off lifelines, and a much longer list I wont include in this blog for the sake of you, the reader.

When breakfast was done, a swift clean up followed while at the same time raising the anchor and we were off on our very last sail back to Antigua form Barbuda. With a calm sea state we were in for a calm sail, where we could relax on deck, bathing in the sun as Ocean Star carried us through the Caribbean Sea. It was a short sail, only a few hours, so upon arrival, there was still time left in the day to be productive on our oceanography projects and whatever else our hearts desired.

Although at our new anchorage our boat was suddenly surrounded by moon jellyfish, Luke and Mike insisted on free diving under the boat anyway, to see if the remoras that had made our acquaintance as we sailed along the coast of Barbuda, where still there. They returned to us having endured multiple jellyfish stings with unfortunate news that our friends had left us. For dinner Adelaide and friends blessed us with a wonderful lentil meal accompanied by pork sausages. Afterwards, as if her dinner wasn’t enough, she suprised us with lemon cake which everyone enjoyed thoroughly. after a long day, a sail day, everyone was happy to finally get some sleep as day 73 came to a gentle end.

Picture 1- New anchorage
Picture 2- New anchorage
Picture 3- Post putting on the sail covers
Picture 4- Helping putting up the main sail
Picture 5- Enjoying the afternoon
Picture 6- The Dashing Calum Nish walking around deck