Location: Deep Bay, Antigua

Wowow wee wo!
Guess who’s back! Hi, twenty days later, and I’m still Riley, and life still gets a little crazy sometimes.
Can I just say nothing starts a day off better than the final presentation for the last remaining class of a semester, and even more, the final for the last class of your college career (congratulations, Zoe). Some very interesting work was conducted by our crew members building up to these presentations, and they were pretty flippin’ successful. Christmas Tree Worms (Wumz), in particular, absolutely smashed it, even though their results were incredibly inconclusive. Big shout out and many thanks to Adelaide for putting up with us; you have certainly earned the status of #1 honowawy wum.
Post-presentations, we ripped up all of our work and books from the semester and burnt them in a small bonfire we had on deck. Afterward, we gathered the ashes and made facemasks which we would use later during our spa day ritual, which is Steve’s favorite part of the day! He loves a good facemask that man, I’m sure of it. Twas’ a murky morning under the sea’s surface as we discovered an ancient shipwreck that was once owned by none other than Pearse’s great grandmother’s second cousin, who was often mistaken as a pirate. Visibility was poor, but we were rich with enthusiasm. Isa found Shaggy, the singer, in the wreck! She managed to sign “It Wasn’t Me” to him underwater, and they got on swimmingly! Big news in the chart house- Adelaide controls a light of her own, and the flycatcher that has been up for over a year has officially caught 5 bugs, which is approximately 1 quarter of the bug intake we consume per day. Ash scared me with his voice-changing abilities when in a trance caused by a mop-like sea cucumber, which “was good.” It is also good that Isa has a tendency to peep her head through unsuspecting portals. Sophie lost brutally in tik tac toe to Calum 600 meters down in the Marinara Trench, which is, funnily enough, parked outside Giorgio Armani’s Antiguan getaway. Feels like fate. Has brought us here. We learned that Ben is a master hacker as well as navigator today. It turns out Xonel’s animal of choice is, in fact, the cheetah. Isabel, also a fan of speedy desert cats, fell asleep on the bow, which inspired me to then fall asleep on the bow, which almost killed me, as I am not nearly as well balanced. I woke up from this nap to a very smiley Will, who I am now engaged to. We are hoping for a spring wedding depending on the siliceOUS OOze.
Just another hump day in the wizard of OS
It has been an utter pleasure. Forget me not, loyal readers.
:’) Riley