Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Hey guys, this is itlast blog.

I woke up this morning to a bunch of tiny mice squeaking away in the galley, completely deranged from consuming nothing but instant coffee, Benadryl, and chocolate chips. Curious, I jumped out of my bunk and walked around the corner to find Xonel, Isa, Zoe, Kuma, and RuRi staring at me, frozen — twitching slightly with eyes as wide and round as dinner plates. They’d been making some (super salty but still edible) chocolate chip bread since 5:30 am. For everyone who hadn’t yet been roused from slumber by the animated chatting, I played some super happy, super cute, super fun, and quirky tunes to get us energized and ready for a spectacular day! Since Xonel and I both felt awake and relatively happy at 7 am, a 1 in 400 chance on any given day, I made it a rule that everyone else had to match the attitude, or I would get the plank out of the Laz, and we would take it from there. After breakfast, we started our three-hour motor over to Falmouth during which Ben, RuRi, and I had another weird yet strangely impressive 80s dance session in which we blasted All I Want Is You by Barry Loui Polisar (watch Juno do it) from the chart house while attempting an Irish river dance. It’s day 76, and class is out, man idk. We then watched 21 Jump Street in the salon while Steve handled the rest of the motor over. Honestly, I feel like he was relieved to have us off the deck. After anchoring in Falmouth, it was time to say goodbye to our lovely friend Kiara. If you haven’t met her, don’t worry. You can find her on the slopes of Colorado this winter with her snowboard or on a skateboard somewhere in Long Island, probably geocaching and calling everything “Fiiiiiire.” She will be greatly missed onboard Ocean Star. She and Steve peeled off in Irv just before lunch — some delicious taco bowls with more of Kuma’s special rice.
We were short a decent amount of our cleanup crew after lunch, but everyone filled in where they could, and I think we had one of the most chaotic galley/salon cleanups of the salon thus far. Reggaeton just really brings out the worst in everyone. With the boat looking all pretty again, we got into Exy and headed to the marina for some shore time. Highlights include Christmas shopping, coffee, some passionfruit popsicles, the biggest carp I have ever seen in my life (unless there are no carp in the Caribbean — honestly, the search results were inconclusive), wifi, hummus, and just the general feeling of being surrounded by immeasurable wealth at the Antigua Yacht Club.
Dinner was pasta with veggies and Xonel’s caramelized pineapple rings followed by another round of cleanup to some early 2000s throwbacks. Presently, the boys are getting ready for a night dive, and the rest of us are headed to bed!
Thanks for sticking with me through these past few months.


Photo 1 – Ruth-Riley, Zoe, Isa, Isabel
Photo 2 – Zoe and passion fruit popsicles!
Photo 3 – Will and his hummus
Photo 4 – Ruth-Riley and Kuma were making fart sounds in the head until RuRi decided to bust open her lip again on her own arm
Photo 5 – Kuma and RuRi
Photo 6 – Adelaide and Isa having a laugh
Photo 7 – RuRi, Zoe, and Will
Photo 8 – Kuma found Club Sushi
Photo 9 – Ash and Xonel
Photo 10 – Dinghy ride