Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Today we embarked on an adventure to Stingray City, a place filled with stingrays. They’ll cruise right up to you and rub against your leg, eat squid from your hand, or let you hold them. Apparently, there are three types of people in the world: dog people, cat people, and stingray people. I myself am unsure whether I’m a stingray or a dog person. I did hear stingrays referred to as “sea puppies” today, though, so I suppose that fits.
Everyone had various reactions to our stingray snorkel trip. Some eagerly swooped down to pet the rays and held them without them slipping away. Others were more timid, shrieking and jumping if a ray unexpectedly approached. I have to classify myself in the former group. I found the stingrays absolutely adorable.
After our morning adventure, we split up into three groups for the afternoon: the divemasters in training (DMT), the boat group, and the shore group.
The DMTs spent the afternoon in the water practicing our dive skillsregulator recovery, mask removal, weight belt removal, sharing air, etc. The visibility was great, and we happened to see a stingray in its natural habitat. This one was a bit smaller than the morning ones and was burrowing in the sand. The skills session went well, and I’m excited to return to the dive site for a night dive tonight.
As a DMT, I can only speculate as to what the others did. I assume that those who headed back to the boat napped and, in the case of Jodie, Ben, and Margeaux, cooked. As for Will, Riley, Isa, Chief, Xonel, and Julia, they feasted on hummus and falafel at an Israeli restaurant before heading to Club Sushi. And then bringing Club Sushi to the boat with their impromptu dinner dance party. I now know the BWARF, out of air, and raising the sails dances. Didn’t know those existed before. They’re rather interpretive. 10/10: Will is a great dancer.
After our delicious dinner (and, unfortunately, rainy clean-up), we’re heading out on our final night dive of the trip.

Photo 1 – Not exactly sure what’s going on here, but it’s Isa and Chief
Photo 2 – Ben smiles (maybe? hard to tell with a mask, but we’ll assume he’s happy) at the dock
Photo 3 – Riley and Julia take mirror selfies while Will and Chief go boutique shopping
Photo 4 – Irv pulling into the dock, ft. Luke, myself (Isabel), Zoe, Sophie, and Margeaux
Photo 5 – Some sort of dancing, I think, ft. Isa, Zoe, and Margeaux
Photo 6 – I (Isabel) hold a stingray
Photo 7 – Isa, Julia, Xonel, and Riley pose at the harbor
Photo 8 – Will you stand under my umbrella?
Photo 9 – Chief post-makeover (p.s. I think he’s wearing shorts)
Photo 10 – Chilling with the stingray’s ft. Jukuma