Location: Saba

Today was a super cool day! It started with an extra early 6:30 am wake-up call. Some were more tired than others as we rotated through anchor watch overnight. For breakfast, we had cereal and cantaloupe. A local dive shop is known as “Sea Saba” arrived at Ocean Star at 8:30, and the first group of divers headed off. Our first dive of the day was a deep dive. This was our first of 5 dives to complete our Advanced Open Water dive certification. Despite everyone being slightly nervous, we dove to roughly 83 feet. We explored some coral and saw how red light disappears as you dive down to further depths, as Steph demonstrated with container lids borrowed from the galley. Our second dive was my favorite of the day. It was our “fish ID” dive. We descended into what was essentially a mountain of coral. There were sea turtles, giant lobsters, stingrays, eels, and thousands of fish. It may have been one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! For this dive, our maximum depth was 70 feet. After our second dive was over, we headed back to Ocean Star and had some ocean showers, and ate lentil soup for lunch. While the second dive group went out, the rest of us watched an Emergency First Responder video and answered some questions regarding CPR and first aid. We then had some free time and ate mac n’ cheese and chicken for dinner. Overall, today was a super awesome day! Everyone here is getting along really well, and Smash, Amanda, Steph, and Drew are the best leaders!