Location: Underway to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean

Last night we began preparing Argo for the 600 nm sail across the Indian Ocean from Bali to Christmas Island. Leah and Gaylin took charge of provisions during our stay at the Bali Marina and after loading the shopping carts up with 250 boxes of cereal and 250 cartons of milk, headed back to the boat with a van full of food. We left the harbor this morning and sailed out over the 10,000 ft deep Java Trench. We finally got a break and had winds in our favor for most of the afternoon. The students in the PSCT class had a quiz on Collision Regulations and after our Marine Biology class we got our first opportunity to jump into the ocean for a quick shower. After a few swan dives off the bow sprit and a quick soap up and rinse, we hoisted all six of Argo’s sails. Watch team 1 managed to hook into a baby tuna this afternoon, hopefully one of many we find while crossing the Indian. With full canvas up, we shut off the motor and ended the day with a beautiful sunset off our bow and a Mexican feast for dinner. With a little luck and the wind in our favor, we will land in Christmas Island in 4 days time.