Location: Bali, Indonesia

The day started a little out of the usual, with the blare of the fire alarm as a wake-up call. After a little breakfast, we made our way to Kuta Beach for a day of surfing! The whole group of beginners was split up into groups of three, each with one instructor, so we all got some one-on-one time to improve our skills. At first, surfing didn’t come easy to meI would ride waves in on my knees, wobble back and forth, nose dive, and fall every possible way, but with time, we learned from our mistakes, and everyone got up! After surfing, we all got a little free time in Bali and then returned back to the marina for provisioning. I have never seen so much food; I can imagine we made quite a scene at the grocery store, clogging up three checkout lanes with carts and amounting to a six-foot-long receipt! We passed the food down a hatch from the deck to the galley, down below; I was on the receiving end catching every single item of food, it was literally raining canned food, and my hands were on fire from catching all of the flying items. The saloon was covered from the floor to the ceiling in 250 boxes of milk, 111 cans of tomatoes, 55 pounds of rice, 100 bags of chips, 75 packages of pasta, and the grocery store’s whole supply of cereal. All of this, combined with getting back our clean laundry and a change of sheets, resulted in an amazing day.