Location: Bali, Indonesia

The crew of Argo can go days without getting off the boat, even weeks, as we’ll find out later in the program. But when we have the chance to stretch our legs, most people take full advantage of climbing onto the dock and exploring the local culture. First steps on shore are always rough, you have to once again find your shore legs. After days of swaying back and forth in order to balance yourself on a boat, you continue to sway even when there is solid ground beneath the soles of your flip flops. After a few quick adjustments in order to reach equilibrium once again, everyone was off to explore our newest port of call, Bali. The majority went to visit the local tourist destination of Kuta Beach, where surfers can be found catching the Bali wave, where there are endless possibilities to buy souvenirs for family and friends, and cups of coffee can be found at every corner caf. After soaking up the rays of the local sunshine everyone was shuttled off to a temple on top of a hill. As the sun slowly set over the cliffs and crashing waves in the background, monkeys sat in the trees and shipmates sat in the stands all watching as a traditional Hindu fire dance was reenacted. The evening was topped off by peaceful dinner on the beach at a local seafood restaurant. Now this is what I would call paradise.