Location: Bali, Indonesia

After a short night passage from Gili Island, we, along with some dolphins swimming by the bow, arrived in Bali at 1:30. Everyone was on deck enjoying the sight of a busy marina full of various water sports. There were people zooming around on rafts that lifted off the water so that they were completely airborne. Little fishing boats were taking their time cruising in between all the big ships that Argo beautifully maneuvered her way through. Seeing as she did such a good job, we had a thorough primping session for the pretty lady. Everyone had a spot to brush, scrub, or shine. We became a kind of entertainment for the local onlookers. I envied the people standing on the dock watching as we were sweating and shielding ourselves from Bali’s bright sun. Of course though all our efforts were well worth it, seeing that we could claim such a classy chick knowing there would be a night out after also helped. It was a good day- we got some nice tans, saw some big boats, oh, and we’re in Bali! Sweet.