Location: Gili, Indonesia

After a fairly windy passage and some strong currents cut our speed down, we arrived at the Gili Islands, a small group of three islands off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia. The plan was to get in the water and do some diving, enjoy some shore time and then head out to Bali. For all the students taking the Open Water course this was the first time in the sea and it didn’t disappoint, the visibility was great, the water was warmish and there were plenty of fish around to keep wandering eyes occupied. We went with a local operator to take us out to the two sites and after 30 minutes or so underwater we had a good number of mermaids and mermen perfectly comfortable in their newfound environment, to the point of underwater sprints and a somewhat graceful back flip competition. After the dives it was shore time to get some cold drinks, colder ice cream and food, with the islands providing plenty of options for relaxing and watching the world go by. Shopping seemed to feature highly and we were greeted with numerous pairs of fishing pants on peoples return. After dinner we got the boat prepped for sail and at 10pm we headed off to Bali. The wind was still strong and we started slowly but once round the corner we had a current going in the right direction for a change which was nice. All in all a great day, some new experiences as with every other day and chocolate ice cream on a tropical island, what could be better!