Location: West End, British Virgin Islands

Today is never the most enjoyable or nicest days of the trip, the day we have to say goodbye to everyone. Everyone was completely packed yesterday, so there was no last-minute stress packing. The first to leave us was Sage with a horribly early flight which left well before sunrise. Fortunately, the next departures weren’t for a little while so everyone could have a relaxed morning getting hash browns and coffee from our local coffee shop, Omar’s. It was then time to say goodbye to the rest of our shipmates.

The voyage has been so fast-paced visiting an array of countries, towns and tranquil bays that the main driving force behind it was the attitude that every single one of the shipmates brought to the table every day of the trip. They approached every challenge we threw at them with passion and a desire to learn.

So from all of us, Steve, Tom, Amy and Alex, we thank you for an amazing trip full of awesome memories.

All the best