Location: West End, British Virgin Islands

This morning started with us dropping our mooring in GHP, the beautiful home of Ocean Star, from the past few days and heading to West End. West End is the place where it all began. Some 39 days go for us. The very same dock we picked up all of our wonderful students is where we will spend our final day. Today brings about the big final BA. While there have been multiple BAs after each passage, this one is on a much grander scale. Every floorboard, bunk wall, and crevice is thoroughly cleaned. Returning our lovely home back to the condition she was in before taking us on this fantastic adventure.

Once everyone had done a fantastic job in making Ocean Star all sparkly again, people made sure that cards were being finished for one another. After 39 days of rugby talk from Owen, he was finally allowed to tackle our resident All Black off the dock into the warm Caribbean water. Everyone dressed up in preparation for our final night out at Nanny Cay. The night out proved to be an outstanding success as everyone chatted and relaxed for one final time as a group. It did mean that we brought the premise of squeeze into a completely public for the first time. The holidaymakers in Nanny Cay, for some reason, didn’t seem to think that a large group of adults sat in a circle holding hands was odd as we got inconspicuous looks. After the busy schedule of the past month and a bit, everyone was ready to return home relatively early in preparations for departure day.