Location: Great Harbour Peter, British Virgin Islands

The morning started at different times for two groups of shipmates. One group had a refreshing sunrise swim to sandy spit while the others were brought over on dinghies a couple of hours later. I was in the latter group, so I can only repeat what the morning group said about their morning on the island. Apparently, it included tag, sandcastle building, and nearly getting lost on the way over. For the second group, we dinghied over with breakfast and had breakfast on the beach with the first group. When we got back from Sandy Spit, we went over our graded Nav master exams and finished presenting our group research projects. Lunch underway followed as we headed off to Norman Island.

At Norman Island, a group of us did our final dive at the Indians. Dinner followed, and a slightly emotional squeeze was followed by a jump in the ocean. Since we jumped before cleanup, seagulls started attacking us and the rest of the food we left aboard. Steve made a valiant effort to save the leftover burgers from an attack from the sky, but it was no use; the boat was pillaged and plundered. Dives and backflips were perfected, and now it’s on to final exams for Oceanography. Fingers crossed, everyone will do well!!