Location: Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

This morning we dropped the mooring again to move to our new destination of Sandy Spit. While underway, our floating home became that little bit safer as our soon-to-be Emergency First Responders went over their exams, and then the Rescue Divers took their final written exam. Once we had anchored, lunch consumed, and the final oceanography lecture was given, everyone had the choice as to whether or not they wanted to go diving or to visit the small, sandy island.

Those who dove were treated to both a nurse shark and a huge reef shark, along with a plethora of other marine life. Those who visited the island played frisbee, snorkeled, rock-pooled for octopus, and simply enjoyed the afternoon playing on the sand. Owen finally nailed his backflip today after many hours of teaching from Trey, Peyton continued his goal to take everyone’s new profile pictures, and the boys tried to “out-mustache” Tom, but, as I’m sure you’ll agree, we’re not successful in their plight. This evening is the last oceanography quiz in preparation for their final exam tomorrow.

As I write this, Michael, Bella, and Cullen are checking the anchor watch wheel behind me – their responses to me asking for a quote from their day were as follows:

“Ooooh, a shark” – Michael

“Oooh, an octopus” – Bella

“Oooh, a baked BBQ chicken” – Cullen