Location: Great Harbour Peter (via Salt Island), British Virgin Islands

Today was day 36, which was the day of our nav master exam. We woke up and immediately set off to Salt Island. We ate breakfast along the way, which was pancakes, french toast, cereal, and fruit. We arrived at Salt Island, and the first group took their nav master exam at 9 am. We also worked on our cards for each other today while not diving or taking the exam. While they were taking their exam, another group went diving. We dove down to a shipwreck with a dark history. It was very cool to see, and we even saw some reef sharks and a sea turtle! The pictures are from Michael and are of the first dive we did today. After each group finished their nav master exams and their dive, we went back to GHP to do our night dive. We then had the option of a night dive, which everyone took up, so we split into three different groups. I am in the last group, so I am typing this before doing the dive, but I am very excited and am sure the first group is enjoying it. Altogether it was a nice warm day.