Location: Tobago Cays

We started the day with a nautical science class where we reviewed the rules of the road and marine systems. After class, we were eager to raise anchor and leave for the Tobago Cays. However, we were still experiencing a lot of squalls, which greatly reduced visibility, so we decided to delay our departure slightly. Once we had a break in the weather, we got underway with everybody helping to navigate around several shallow reefs before getting in the cut to the Tobago Cays. Stephen and several others were at the helm, Joe and Conor plotted our position regularly, Kyle and Henri went up to the crow’s nest to watch out for the reefs, Isobel and Mick stood bow watch, and Tyler was watching the depth. An hour later, we arrived in the Tobago Cays and dropped both our anchors in some thirty knots of wind. Squalls continued throughout the day, and the sky was quite dark, but we could already see the beautiful light water of these deserted islands and are looking forward to seeing all the sunshine in the next few days. After dinner, we had a marine biology class that covered marine microorganisms.