Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island, BVI

This morning marked the final day of exams for the crew of Ocean Star. After a filling and delicious peanut butter coconut breakfast bar prepared for us by our chefs of the day, Makalynne and Annastasia, the students organized, grabbed their notebooks for a quick final study session. The ship fell silent as all gathered in the salon for their final marine biology exam. The rest of the morning was fairly laid back, some deciding to finish up their last papers for a leadership class, with others using their newly found free time to catch up on some movie time. The afternoon brought promise of a completely different atmosphere. The tarp was rolled, and the main boom hoisted high and swung out far over Ocean Star’s port side. Lines were rigged and made, and after a final walk-through, we were ready to test our creation: the boom swing! Rumors of the boom swing had been spread throughout the ship for weeks, and the day was finally here. Timid first swings, complete with squeals of uncertainty, quickly became backflip attempts and cheers of joy. After several hours of jumping into the cool, blue Caribbean waters, the crew of Ocean Star noticed something was off. While cleaning the hull, Ian had gone missing! It was time for the rescue divers in training to jump into action for their second scenario. Ian was quickly located hiding underneath the keel and was brought to safety and received “medical care.” This evening promises to keep things interesting, as the students will be participating in a debate for oceanography where they will be arguing either for or against marine mammals in captivity.