Location: Norman Island

This morning we headed from GHP to Norman Island for our final day of sailing. We will motor for the last days of our trip because the locations are close together, so the crew was pretty excited to throw the sails up one last time. The wind was favorable, and we had the sails up in less than 10 minutes. As we steered for Norman Island, the staff decided that conditions were favorable enough for us to raise the sixth and final sail onboard Ocean Star: the fisherman. Up until now, the staff had only talked about it, and we were eager to see it in action. With all sails up, we were making 10 knots towards Norman Island in just 15 knots of wind.

We dropped anchor a little afternoon and ate lunch: Kraft mac n’ cheese and hot dogs. You either hate it, or you love it. After lunch, we grabbed our snorkel gear and dinghied over to the caves on Norman Island, and we spent a couple of hours exploring. There were some squid and octopus sightings as well as many reef fish. Those of us in the rescue course will get our exams back tonight (cross your fingers we all passed), and then we have the rest of the night off. We’ll likely stay up late playing cards or watching a movie. In the morning, we’re off to Sandy Spit for a little more adventuring.