Location: Sandy Spit, British Virgin Islands

Today it has seemed to finally set in that we’re nearing the end of the trip, we are at our final stop before heading back to the dock where we all first began this wonderful experience, but of course, that does not mean it is any less busy than normal. The day started with an optional early morning wake-up, 0445, and sunrise hike that a brave few decided to go on. The hike was more or less bushwhacking up to the top of Norman Island to be rewarded with a beautiful clear view of the sunrise that would kick off a great day. While the hikers were making their way down the mountain, the chef and sous chef were already working hard in the galley, making a simply delicious breakfast of pancakes. There was no time to spare as the instant we were all back on the boat; we were pulling up anchor to motor over to Sandy Spit early in the morning. We arrived, anchored, and got ready for the rest of the day. After a vicious inter-boat debate over either boom swinging again or diving one more time, we undiplomatically decided on diving. That was the plan for the afternoon, and there was lots of work to do. The rest of the morning was filled with boat work, as we wanted to start the final clean-up a bit early as opposed to leaving it all to the last day. We completely emptied the lazarette, the storage area in the back of the boat, and wiped it down. However, in the middle of cleaning, we had our final scenario for rescue diving. The rescue team worked flawlessly together and passed flawlessly. This means that there are now seven more certified rescue divers in the world! After a busy morning, we sat down for a nice lunch of fried rice and then got right back to work, putting everything back in the laz. Throughout the afternoon, as people were working, a few of us went off in three separate groups to dive into a small reef known as the playgrounds that are close by the ship. As the afternoon went on, we finished up diving and boat work and had some free time before dinner, which was filled with naps and a few cups of coffee. We all went back up for a scrum-diddly-umpshish dinner of lemon chicken and rice before heading back down for a closing program activity to end a busy and wonderful day.