Location: West End, Tortola, BVI

It still doesn’t feel real that this trip is coming to a close. In the recent few days, there have been many new and exciting experiences, but little things like posting cleaning checklists and confirming flights bring us back to the reality that our time here is dwindling. Therefore, we are making the most of every minute. Today started off at 7 am with breakfast bagel sandwiches. Though the weather today looked dreary, some of the crew went to Sandy Spit beach, where we played Frisbee, built sandcastles, and dove into the waves (some more successfully than others). Lunch was onshore at Foxy’s Taboo, a cute beach vibe restaurant and gift shop that stood feet from the water. It stands alone on a mostly deserted stretch of coast, within walking distance of a spot known as the bubbly pools. These pools were granted the bubbly mantle because of the waves that squeeze between rocks into a shallow salt pond creating the illusion of hot tub jets in the fizzing water. Some jumped in; others were pushed, but we all had a great time. After cooling off, the crew hiked back to the dock, where the dingy began shuttling crewmembers back to Ocean Star. Once aboard, we picked up anchor and motored the short distance to West End. We dropped our hook at the back of the anchorage just beyond sight of the final docking spot. We are prepared to get up early and move to that final berth just a few hundred feet further into Soper’s Hole. Dinner was sausage and mashed potatoes with vegetables, and the squeeze question fit the growing nostalgic and reflective mood: “What will you miss about this crew, and what will you miss about this experience?” After dinner, we watched a video that Ian put together all the photos and videos of our time here. It was nostalgic, hilarious, and fun all at once; these past 78 days have been a wonderful time, and reliving those moments through the footage was uplifting. We ate a tasty brownie dessert to celebrate a great semester so far, and now we are in for a long night of packing and writing before our final full day tomorrow.


See you all soon,