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We had quite the full day of diving. In fact, I stand here now speed-writing the blog as quickly as possible in my wetsuit before half of us embark on our night dive tonight! The entire day was just chaos of running through various Rescue Diver skills. While that might seem like a bit of a morbid activity, it was absolutely hilarious. Many crew members deserve an Oscar, in my humble opinion, for the melodrama captured in their enacting panicked diver and floppy unconscious diver, punctuated by bursts of laughter or smirks. I didn’t witness the marvelous event myself, but I heard Tyler trying to lift Joe out of the water ended with him dropping Joe on top of himself. They were still safely out of the water, though, so Garret Sr. passed them. I had to apologize profusely for kneeing Garret Jr. in the face for the second time this trip while performing the same exercise. To top it all off, there was a huge school of big fish under one area of the dive practice circuit, which was really cool to watch and provided some entertainment while pretending to be unconscious. On a less fun sea life note, Jack and I both managed to get sea urchinned while not paying attention.

Everyone still managed to have fun despite the frantic atmosphere. Dance parties were held amid the cooking chaos, and pot helmets were made during dishy pit. All that is left now is to hope that my group doesn’t get equally as unlucky as during our first-night dive. Upon further research, the jellyfish we were ambushed by was “Sea Wasps,” which only come out once a month, 7-8 days after the full moon. Maybe someone broke a mirror. I don’t know if swimming under a ladder constitutes the same bad luck curse as walking under one because if so, then everyone on board has definitely done some of that. I guess the best we can do is ask everyone at home to knock on some wood for us and wish us to break a leg!!!

1. the pre-night dive photo I was told to put in the blog
2. the pre-night dive photo I couldn’t not put in the blog
3. a cute little fish we saw during the day!
4. monkeying around in the dishy pit (that’s Arden under there)


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