Location: Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines

If our story could reach a climax, it might just be today. The day started with an air of stress, as the two biggest finals – Marine Bio and Oceanography – were waiting for us after our cereal. As intimidating as this all was, both were nothing we hadn’t faced before, so everyone survived one way or another. As a reward, our chefs (Arden, Akiva, and Charlie) had put together perfectly cooked quesadillas for lunch with a side of fresh guacamole and cut tomatoes.

Following that feast, we did have one more academic session before we would make contact with water. So, we all gathered to watch a 1.5 hour long PADI video for our rescue diving certifications. It was as enjoyably corny as all the others before, with the usual stellar acting to get us excited for our practice dive.

It wasn’t long before the whole crew was gathered on deck for our long-awaited practice rescues. I think everyone felt quite pleased with their acting skills as they pretended to be drowning, and some got so passionate about their roles that their performance was almost too convincing. All in all, everyone successfully completed the skills of the day, making us one step closer to our next PADI certification.

To wrap up the long and rewarding day, the gift of pizza was once again bestowed upon us. It was the usual lineup of veggie, pepperoni, and Hawaiian, all delicious. To make things even sweeter, the order came from a small, local business on the island. Strangely enough, we only ordered pizza for the boat once before, and I was skipper that same day too. So, I feel this is a good sort of nostalgia to mark my last time as Skipper of the Day.

Good night one, good night all,

Skipper of the Day, K

Picture 1 – Grace heaving a life ring
Picture 2 – Akiva quite pleased
Picture 3 – Celia making the plunge
Picture 4 – Joe, Emma, Zoe, and Freddie practicing cramp relief