Location: Port Elizabeth, Bequia

Hello everyone!
Today was quite the day. Finally, we were able to re-enter civilization. The day started out nicely with a yummy breakfast at a local cafe. We then went grocery shopping to re-stock our snacks, and we checked out some local shops. Of course, we pet lots of island puppies too. Next, we ate lunch at another local restaurant. Shout out to Ryan, who gave us a plant from his garden for the boat.
It was really nice to experience Caribbean life for the first time. All the people were so nice, and I think the Vela crew made a good impression on all the people we met. When we got back, we did our navigation dive. Shoutout to Grace for being a great dive partner and for passing her Nav Master exam! We finished our dive with a dinghy ride backfilled with Christmas carol singing (sorry, Bubba). When we got back, we had a lovely dinner and are now cleaning up and getting ready for finals tomorrow.

I’ve had such a great time on this program, and I’ve loved getting to write blog posts for y’all. Big thanks to everyone at home who has supported me <3

Liz signing out

Photo 1: a lovely photo from the island
Photo 2: the new boat couple- Arden and Emma
Photo 3: Bequia’s famous whalebone jewelry
Photo 4: view from the restaurant we all ate breakfast at
Photo 5: our new boat plant
Photo 6: an island dog that looks just like my puppers from home (I miss you, Rummer)