Location: St Vincent

Our Dear Charles dutifully and diligently wrote this blog when we arrived in the Caribbean after our long and arduous Atlantic Crossing, but his Thanks Giving Blog was lost on its journey to you! But here it is!…

The day started out eventful as watch team three spotted St. Lucia off the port bow in the early morning hours despite hazy visibility due to light showers. Shortly thereafter, they roused the rest of the boat with shouts of “Land Ho!” and In his jubilation, Garrett Lee Jr.–newly clean-shaven and at the time acting as the helmsman–spun the boat a full 360 degrees before resuming course towards St. Vincent. The weather quickly cleared up, and we were greeted by a troupe of diving sea birds as we came in. After a bountiful thanksgiving lunch, the boat played charades (from which watch team two emerged victoriously) in celebration of the holiday, which marked our first break from classes in eighteen days. As St. Vincent’s emerald green coastline came more clearly into focus and the novelty of seeing land wore off, we anchored shortly after finishing up our games. It was at this point that most of the boat regained cell service and was able to connect with family and friends after the arduous journey we had just completed. The smell of vegetation had never felt so good.

Once all of the sails were down, and the anchor had been dropped, we played a spirited round of boat trivia (who knew that Tyler’s parents had a close call in the Bermuda triangle??) before we had some much-anticipated downtime to luxuriate in the Caribbean sun–free of life jackets–and luxuriate in the azure blue water. The scenery of the island is impressive–palm trees and white sand beaches flank exposed cliffs that form the coast–and the boat is excited to climb an old fort atop a rock in Bequia Channel tomorrow afternoon. After screening the first part of Indiana Jones, it was time for an early Thanksgiving dinner, and what a feast it was. We enjoyed a menu of chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, pasta casserole, gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, apple crisp, Clara’s chocolate chip cookies, and additional culinary delicacies that elude this author’s memory at the time of publication. The meal was so filling that we had to take a break between the main courses and dessert to rehash what we were thankful for and how we planned to make the most of our time left together. In the ensuing food coma, we began to clean the dishes to festive music, and spirits were sky-high. Everyone seems grateful to be finished with the passage and to have made it to St. Vincent without incident, for such a successful Thanksgiving celebration, and for the SCUBA diving and adventures that lay ahead. After boat clean-up is complete, a few may take advantage of our newfound stability and go for a night swim.

Photo 1: Charlie, Tyler, and Henry prepare for the impending Thanksgiving banquet
Photo 2: The crew remembers what land looks like!
Photo 3: Sail handling procedures were in full swing as we prepared to anchor
Photo 4: The Garretts take in St. Vincent
Photo 5: Tyler enjoys a highly anticipated swim off the boat