Location: Les Saintes

Today started early, with a quick breakfast, and then the first dive group was in the water. This was the navigation dive, focusing on making your way around the seafloor using your compass and surroundings. Everyone quickly got the hang of it and started to play around, looking at the numerous sea stars and sea cucumbers that littered the bottom. Once back up and dried off, the second dive team got in, and more of the same. As they surfaced, lunch was being served, and after a nice study break, we moved the boat around the corner to set up for our night dive. After a little trouble setting up a stern line to anchor us to a rock, we settled into our new spot by having dinner; then, the first dive team jumped right in! A night dive is one of my new favorite experiences, we saw eels, octopi, and even snot bubbled parrotfish (parrotfish sleep in a mucous cocoon). Once we reached our peak depth of 30 ft, we shut our lights off and looked around at the bioluminescence. Done with the dive now, we resurfaced, warmed ourselves with hot chocolate, and hurried off to bed.


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