Location: Les Saintes

The Argo crew woke up to being back in French territory. Kelsey set out yogurt parfait ingredients for us to make delish breakfast sundaes. Having yogurt as an available resource for food was delightful since we had not had any since before the crossing. After a swift clean-up, we mustered together for an OCEmma quiz on human impacts and management of our oceans. Everyone was super eager to get to shore. However, we all had to wait through the video about the life of a plastic bag, which was a lovely and informative small clip about the places the plastic bag likes to travel. Then the Argo dispersed in their own corners of the town to go relax and get a breather.

I have previously been to Les Saintes, and once I was onshore, I was attempting to reorient myself with the town. Kiara and I wandered among the streets until we found the bakery and the grocery store. We bought some sandwiches, strawberries, and ice cream bars for us to eat. We picnicked on the beach where we found miss Sonya and the next stop in our journey: the playground. Kiara and I saw the abstract posh Euro playground and knew we wanted to go play on it and wish we were little kids. We went to play because there were no little kids and their families to disturb. We got to climb to the top of the spider web pyramid, and then we went to spin in circles on the merry-go-round and tried not to fall off or toss our cookies. Kiara and I browsed some of the shopping stores on the way to find more ice cream, aka our ice cream round 2. I came back to the boat early because there was so much studying that needed to be done for our upcoming final exams. We had some delish dinner, and then finals week kicked off with Jess’ OCB exam. Good Luck to the rest of the Argo crew for their exam week!