Location: Underway to Les Saints

This morning started out with our typical wakeups and breakfast, and then we moved into passage prep for our first student-led passage from Dominica to Les Saints. Sail prep was entirely student-led, as was the anchor raise, which was complicated by the fact that Argo had swung around enough to tangle the two anchors, something we call candy cane. After de-tangling and raising the anchors, we raised the sails and set off towards Les Saints. Around lunch, we caught some good wind and were heeled over around 25 degrees. After lunch, we had class and then went back on deck to find out that the electronics ‘failed’ (a drill), which led to a practical application of charting and determining a good course to steer by hand. As we approached Les Saints, we tacked a few times. The first part was a bit hectic, but people soon settled into a rhythm and were sailing like pros. When we arrived at Les Saints, we found a safe spot to anchor and then did a student-led anchor drop. All in all, some great sailing today!