Location: Dominica

With an early rise of 7, Argo and her crew were up at the crack of dawn not but 500 feet off of paradise, safely anchored thanks to the valiant efforts of the previous night’s anchor watch. What we had in store none knew with an ominous ‘fruit tour’ planned for the day. Our apprehension only grew as we were shuffled into vans lead by an unreasonably happy Carib with greying dreads claiming to be the ‘un-elected prime minister,’ only later would I know Sea Cat to be one of the most eccentric and amazing people of the Dominican population. Ears popped as we drove up into the old plantation areas of the mountains near the Indian reservation nestled in the rainforest. Quickly it was found out our journey was the destination when we began to make tree climbing stops to pick fruit from local orchards. After making a pit stop to Sea Cats friends in the hills and a refreshing lunch, it was time for the real meat of the day, something I will forever know as one of the most amazing experiences of my life, a back to back swim in a rainforest emerald pool, the sort of which you dream of as a kid, and a climb to the base of Trafalgar Falls, a waterfall with natural hot water pouring out of the rock walls into the cascade of fallen cliff face where Argo and her crew were enshrouded in the golden light of a raining sunset in the Dominican mountains in a hot springs in a waterfall in a rainforest. Over and out.