Location: St. Barths

Today we woke up bright and early and devoured our toast and jam then got ready to dive with the hopes of seeing some sharks and wildlife. The plan was to explore the depths of Saba with the wonderful crew of Sea Saba, which would be our guides. The first dive was at a spot called Babylon, which was the first-ever dive site of Saba. We saw lots of reefs with schools of fish but not much more. The second dive was a spot called the Labyrinth. As we descended, we could see the reefs and boulders shaped in corridors and tunnels; we were awestruck at the beauty of it all. First, we went to a geothermal vent where we sat in the sand and dug our hands into the yellow sulfur sand and felt how hot it was. After that, we swam through the maze of coral and came upon two nurse sharks around four to five feet in length. One seemed to be sleeping, and the other was upside down with its head in a hole in the coral. After our dives, we set sail to St. Barths; as we rounded the western end, the wind was blowing 25 knots. The boat was heeling over around 15 degrees. The trip was around six hours, and we caught our first fish, a small barracuda. After dinner, open water had a scuba class, and that rounded up a great day.

Drew H.

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