Location: Bequia, St. Vincent And The Grenadines

Today we began our day with some oatmeal loaded with the toppings of our choice, supplying us with ample energy for the big day of SCUBA ahead. The two training dives we did towards our advanced certification were peak performance buoyancy, where we worked on using our breathing to fine-tune our buoyancy and navigation, where we worked with our compasses as well as other natural hints to aid in getting around underwater. For lunch, we indulged in a killer meal of burritos packed with avocado, ground beef, corn, and so much more. After finishing up some more diving in the afternoon and enjoying some free time/study time, we sat around the tables on the deck for the first time in a few days due to the weather, ate some mango, cucumber, and avocado sushi, and discussed the significant topics of mediocre superpowers, as well as what kind of boat each of us embodies. After dinner, we learned about VHF radios, the knowledge that will come in handy for the coming couple of months. Enjoying the clear sky and (relatively) cool breeze, we got to bed, looking forward to all that is to come aboard Ocean Star.