Location: Port St. Charles, Barbados

Greetings from Barbados,

Today was another action-packed day in Barbados. Those training for their scuba certification spent the day in the water practicing confined water and open water skills. Certified divers spent the day ashore exploring local attractions. Students toured Bridgetown and Holetown, two of the larger towns on the island, explored Animal Flower Cave and Harrisons Cave, and indulged in local cuisine for lunch. Some students spent time relaxing, eating, swimming and doing work at the yacht club.

After another beautiful day in Barbados, we returned to Argo for dinner, followed by our evening squeeze ritual, and cleanup. Those training for dive certification then had a quick night class. Some students spent time at the yacht club in the evening before returning to Argo for bed.


(Hi Mom, Dad, and my hitta Allison <3)