Location: Potato Bay, St. Kitts

Happy international women’s diving day! Today we did a little bit of everything. We completed our final dives to get certified, prepared the boat for passage, and we learned about oceanography in a class lab.

Today we left Nevis and traveled to the close island of St. Kits. We arrived around noon, dropped anchor, and prepared to dive. This was a particularly exciting occasion because, as of this dive, all of our crew is now open water certified! The dive site is a shipwreck that has become a thriving ecosystem that is home to many amazing creatures like pufferfish, trumpet fish, sponges, sea urchins, tube worms, and coral. There was so much life it was hard to keep track. Needless to say, this was an amazing place to get dive certified.

After diving, we had lunch and started preparations for our overnight passage tomorrow. We applied our classroom learnings in a lab where we practiced identifying where different sediment samples come from in the ocean by analyzing their composition. Then we took our first quiz on oceanography. Hopefully, everyone passed. Before dinner, we finished our final preparations for passage.

We had high spirits today. Diving is always a fun activity, especially in a beautiful location, and finishing certifications defiantly made it all the more exciting. We learned a lot in the lab, and it’s exciting getting ready for our first overnight passage. Hopefully, we don’t get too seasick.