Location: Bequia

There were many groggy faces this morning after the busy evening before. Fortunately, our head chef Eli made everything better with a great breakfast of french toast. Morning clean-up was a little different than normal because we needed to pull out all the dive gear and put up the main tarp to give us shade from the intense Caribbean sun. Today was a full day of diving for everyone on the boat. The open water and divemasters had open water dive number 3, and the advanced diving students had another fun dive. Group 3 and advanced divers went in the morning today. The diving was different from what everyone was used to. There was a very strong current that took the students on a little ride. The new experience has helped all the divers become better and more aware of their surroundings. If you weren’t diving, you had the opportunity to go visit the shore. It was mostly shut down today, but many students were able to find a few places open to looking around. Everyone was back on board for lunch today, so that SLD could happen right after clean up.

The groups swapped at lunch, and dive groups 1, 2, and divemasters went diving, and the others could go ashore if they wanted to. Everyone was back on the boat by 5 to shower. After a great pad Thai dinner, we started to get ready for another fun MTE navigation class. The class was slightly delayed by an impromptu dance party (we finally found a use for the strobe function on our headlamps). We are getting close to finishing all the lessons, and our test is coming up soon. Most of the students seem to be taking to the topics well. Hopefully, it will be 3 for three on having everyone pass the exam. Anchor watch will continue as normal but with the new view of Exuma off our starboard side.