Location: Bequia

Argo remains afloat, but the same cannot be said for the dive site of our fourth and final open water dive. First and foremost, congratulations must be awarded to all Open Water Argonauts for earning their open water certificates. The early morning dive of the wreck was an amazing start to what has been another great day aboard Argo. Those that dove in the morning were given a chance to explore the lands of Bequia, and those who explored the shore were given a chance to explore the same waters and shipwreck. Activities did not stop with the dives and shore time, for we had Willie come by Argo before dinner to share some of his handcrafted whale jewelry with us. Seeing Willie in his boat, ‘no complain,’ was a sight few of us expected because we have become accustomed to the Caribbean dinghies with their colorfully painted hulls and motors ripping through the waters. Willie’s boat, on the other hand, was made by Willie himself. He held a sail up whenever he sailed downwind and rowed the boat whenever he went upstream. Safe to say, a number of Argonauts are sporting some whale jewelry around their necks and on their ears. Perfect accessories for our night out over at the ‘Whaleboner’ restaurant after what should be an exciting How to presentation, run by Katie, involving Pretzels. As I write, the Argonauts are completing their jobs for the day, on deck and down below, whether it’d be scrubbing the deck or sweeping the cabin floors, anticipating pretzels, and what should be a wonderful night out to end another day aboard Argo.