Location: Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island

Today started out with the wonderful smell of chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. Everyone was quickly out on deck and ready to eat, especially because we had an extra restful night, due to anchor watch being suspended. After breakfast we had an extended Marine Biology class in which we discussed our papers that we just turned in regarding artificial reefs as well as many different types of corals. We learned about corals early because when we dive next in Cocos Keeling there will be oodles of different types of corals. After class we all went our different ways. Some people stayed on the boat to finish their autobiographies that were due in SLD. Most people had them done already. The people that were working on their advanced diver certifications did their last dive, while other people dove for fun. After this deep dive they all officially became advanced divers!The rest of the crew went to explore the island. After an enormous lunch of mince meat burgers made by a local couple on the island we went out to explore the local area. Unfortunately, not much was open on the island due to the fact that it was a national holiday, a part of Territory Week to be exact. So instead of going to the local shops we went out in search of the islands natural beauty. We saw many beautiful cliffs, blowholes and even a small waterfall. We finished up our island time by going to the grocery store to get any last minute provisions before our journey to Cocos Keeling and then to Mauritius. Once back on board Argo, everyone went straight into passage prep to get a jump on tomorrow, so we can leave as soon as we get fuel. Everyone got showered off and then dressed up because after dinner we get to have a night out. None of us were really expecting this night out, so it was a pleasant surprise for all. I think it is safe to say that we all have enjoyed Christmas Island thoroughly and we are excited to see what kind of night life they have in store.(I just realized we are a third of the way through the trip, time really does fly!)