Location: Port Elizabeth, Bequia

Hello everybody!

For one last time, its skipper Patrick here with the day 67 happenings aboard Argo. Today was yet another day relaxing in Admiralty Bay, Bequia. For our certified divers, it was an entire free day ashore, where many took to finishing up their Species ID books for Marine Bio and putting in work on their Oceanography scientific papers. Others decided to explore the island on hikes and by walking around town. Our Open Water divers, however, took the day in shifts diving a reef near the northern edge of Admiralty Bays mouth.

For me (as an Open Water diver myself), it was incredible to finally do my first real reef dive. As we all slowly get better at controlling ourselves underwater, were able to dive for longer and longer and get closer and closer to interesting formations. Its a great sense of progression. I only wish that I could have taken photos down there for you guys (cameras arent allowed on training dives, unfortunately)!

After the last dives and minutes of shore time, we all gathered back aboard Argo for showers and Colins Pork Chop and Applesauce dinner. After cleanup, we had a seamanship class (where were currently learning navigation). Now, its off to bed!

Thanks for the read everybody!

For one last time,

Skipper Patrick Out