Location: Great Harbor Peter, BVI

Hello to the outside world! Although I’m not speaking to any of you directly, I’m happy to update you all on the adventurous lives of the crew. This morning we started our day with breakfast burritos made by our amazing chefs, Phoebe, Carson, and Leo. Unfortunately, last night Sammy couldn’t ask the crew his squeeze question, so after breakfast, he was able to ask everyone what makes them feel at home. The answers ranged from family and friends to the amount of humidity only felt in Miami (Leo’s very passionate about being from the 305). Because our menus for when we’re head chef were due today at lunch, a quick session of procrastinated menu creating occurred directly after breakfast. The activity of the morning was the Advanced Open Water students’ first deep dive. They prepped and dove down to the mooring ball where we are currently moored. Some students attempted to eat an apple at 80 feet under while others tried their hand (or should I say foot) at sea floor ballet.
While everyone else was having fun below the boat, Lily and I read a few chapters in our books before heading to the galley to make lunch. Soon after, everyone surfaced and was ready for the spring roll bowls we made. We attended our first class, Seamanship, taught by Gabe. He walked us through the syllabus and taught us our first knot of the semester, the bowline. After a few failed attempts, we quickly became familiar with the fairly simple knot that is the gateway into the world of tying knots. To give ourselves a much-needed brain break after our first class (because who does school during the summer?!), we watched a New Zealand adventure/comedy film that’s loved ship-wide: “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”. Although I personally enjoyed the movie, some decided they would rather swim or read during their free time. To soak in the last fleeting moments of our free time before dinner, Maya, Cate, and I took our books up on top of the chart house and enjoyed the pleasant weather that comes with the sun setting for the day. Dinner was spaghetti bolognese that had the potential to give everyone reddish-orange rings around their mouths.
In an attempt to make my squeeze question a little more light-hearted, I asked everyone what their spirit animal was. Apparently, not everyone’s been asked that question before, and even my definition was incorrect because Drew gave us a quick lesson on the true meaning of a spirit animal. For anyone wondering, it is an animal that represents what you’re missing in life. On this ship, you learn something new every day.
I’m so appreciative to be able to explore the world and who I am as a young adult with this incredible and diverse crew on a ship in the middle of the ocean, and I can’t wait to see what our passage across the Atlantic holds for us!