Location: british virgin islands

The day began with a magnificent dance session led by squishmasters (and diving instructors) Gabe and Phoebe…..if you get it, you get it.

While one group finished up their final certification dive, the rest of the crew prepared Argo for a fun little tropical storm. They tied up sails, secured ropes, and delaundrified the Argo railing, which had been coated in bathing suits, dive gear, and many items of clothing.

After a bit too much fun backflipping, we set sail for a quick stop off Roadtown and then made our way to a hurricane-safe harbor to wait out the storm. Hopefully, Bret passes us by with very little winds -maybe just enough to get rid of the flies on board.
Along the way, we managed to:
1. Pile close pins on an unaware sleeping Robert
2. Turn a meal of cornbread and chili into a cornbread chili abomination
3. Ensure nonstop laughter among our cooks and crew

After a tricky mooring process (shoutout to the fearless Amanda for steering the dingy around like a badass and the incredible Claire for tying our lines underwater, making it look easy), we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with a good sunset. Tomorrow is storm day, so stay tuned!