Location: Salt Island, BVI

I think I can speak for everyone when I say the past week has been filled with experiences that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. There are moments that make us smile so hard our faces hurt the next day, or magnificent sunsets that leave us all in awe, or the fact that we can breathe underwater together as scenes from Nemo become a reality rather than just a childhood obsession. To think we have barely scratched the surface of what is yet to come leaves me feeling both grateful for what we have already accomplished and stoked for the future.

Today we made our way to land, and I must say, it felt like the sea had never moved from beneath my feet. The solid ground provided little stability for my continually swaying self. Despite the swaying, we got to climb around one of the coolest geologic formations I have ever seen: the Baths. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures, but the massive volcanic boulders carved out by the ocean created what felt like an epic adult playground. Phoebe, Celia, Maria, Claire, Cate, and I got to backflip off the rocks. For Cate, Maria, and I, it was our first time flipping off something that wasn’t our boat (thank you, Will and Alex, for the help)! We then made our way to Spanish Town, where we ate and continued to sway on solid ground. It was fun to be on land, but I was surprisingly excited to get back to the boat and feel the real sea beneath my feet once again.

Our day finished off with another lovely sunset (thank you mama nature), a wonderful meal (thank you Amanda), and a question that instigated brilliant answers; What inspires you? For some of us, it’s our parents. For others, it’s plankton or birds or stories; and for some, it’s people who suck the sap out of life. The collective favorite answer, however, was “the Mountain Feeling.” A classic Gabe-coined phrase that embodies the feeling of standing on top of a mountain and taking in the world around you – a strong, powerful force that takes your words away and leaves you with a simple yet full “whoa.” This is the feeling we are all here to experience as we cross an ocean, so it’s fair to say that Gabe’s answer holds a bit of truth for each of us; we are all inspired by The Mountain Feeling.