Location: Pan de Sucre, Les Saintes

Greetings, loved ones! Today was our first full day in Les Saintes. Advanced and Divemaster candidates went diving all morning to fulfill some of their last certification requirements. In the afternoon, open water divers planned and executed their first dive all by themselves! Right now, the advanced divemasters are going on a night dive- yes, the rest of us are quite envious..! I was on the open water afternoon dive and saw an array of tropical fish, tuna, pufferfish, sea cucumbers, and all the fantastical textures and colors of coral. It is incredible how far we have all come as divers. We were reminiscing today about the first couple of dives in Barbados a couple of weeks ago when we struggled to maintain buoyancy, bobbing up and down and flailing around awkwardly to find where all our tubes were floating off too. The whole process is much more intuitive now, and we are feeling carefree enough to do flips, swim upside down, and explore the freedom of movement that diving offers. As we have been told by the experienced divers on Argo, diving feels like flying in many ways. Diving in the Caribbean has been my favorite component of the Seamester trip, and I hope to continue my experiences with this new skill beyond the conclusion of our time here.
The days seem to pass faster and faster as these last two weeks approach us. The anticipation is emotionally charged with feelings of disbelief and sadness but, on the other hand, a rich kind of excitement. I am excited to share the knowledge and growth that I have experienced in the past three months aboard Argo with the outside world. I am excited to extend discovered inspiration and realization to my decisions beyond this sailboat. My memories of the community we’ve created will forever be filled with love, laughter, and gratitude…… Now it is time to go spend time with Rachel and watch a movie and then listen to Del sing.
Carpe Diem!
Love to all……!!!!!!!!!