Location: Lesser Antilles and Caribbean Basin

This morning most of the crew was woken up before the sun had even risen. Sleepy-eyed but excited, they all piled into the dinghies and headed ashore for a sunrise hike. We hiked the tallest point in Les Saintes, which is 1004 feet. The view from the top is breathtaking, as you can see the whole side of the island, the main town, and even Argo. After hanging out at the top of an abandoned fort for a bit, our tummies began to tell us it was time to head down for breakfast. We were welcomed back to Argo with a wonderful surprise, fresh, delicious French bread! We had pain de chocolates, croissants, and baguettes with an assortment of jams as toppings. It was the perfect breakfast for our time in Les Saintes and especially after a morning hike. After breakfast, we quickly dove into our very last OCB class with Emma. Afterward, we headed around the other side of the small island for quicker rides into shore, while Bryant and the divemaster candidates stayed back for a couple of hours to continue working on their course. Once we were anchored, we all piled into the dinghies again and headed ashore to explore the town. Some hiked up to another fort, others walked to the beach, while most grabbed another fresh baguette and Gelato and walked around town to explore. Dinghy pick-ups were just before 5, so everyone could come back to shower and squeeze before our night out. It was really interesting to be able to experience French culture at night and have another Gelato (or two). The night ended at the dock for dinghy pick-ups, where a couple of the students played with the children on the beach. Overall, another great day in Les Saintes and on Argo for the crew.