Location: Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

As I stood at the helm this morning, I was pleasantly greeted by the sight of mountains to Argos port side and Ben yelling, Land ho! as Fernando de Noronha, Brazil peeked at us from behind the clouds. Another long passage is down in the books, and the spring 2018 Argo crew has officially completed an Atlantic crossing.

As watch teams 1 and 2 stood prepared to flake the sails and watch team three began clearing the mess from breakfast, Mother Nature decided to give bosun a break today. Unprepared for the torrential downpour that came upon us in a matter of 5 seconds, Argos crew was covered head to toe in sopping wet clothes, envious of those who decided to wear their bathing suits to breakfast. Nonetheless, we made the best of it and had some of what we call type II fun. The afternoon consisted of oceanography class, followed by trips to shore so we could clear customs and grab quick bites of ice cream. Fernando de Noronha welcomed us with a luscious, green backdrop overlooking a beach amongst sculpted cliffs. Some free time in the evening gave Argos crew a chance to swim in refreshingly warm waters, showcasing flips off the bowsprit and managing to scale the side of the boat with enough skill to return to the deck without the ladder. That was when another downpour forced us to have our very first dinner and squeeze in the saloon. Satisfied with creamy bowls of pasta and a multitude of leftovers, Argos crew had a pretty great end to our very first day on land after a long passage. Were all excited to explore more of land these next couple of days!

P.S. Shout out to my super awesome family, the 203 crew, my UD homies, and to Ryan-missing you tremendously.