Location: 4 40.24'S 30 34.18'W

Yesterday merged into today as watch team one took the 4-8 am shift, and they were instantly tasked with finding the bearings for a ship off our starboard side. Once the ship, the Torm Mary, was close enough, we were allowed to contact them on the VHF and learned that they were also crossing the Atlantic, but they were coming from Argentina and heading to Morocco. Later while some people were frantically working on their oceanography papers, others were on deck completing plankton tows and reeling in what might be the smallest tuna. After seamanship class and a study hall, we took refreshing showers and continued to frantically finish our papers. When we finally turned them in, we were rewarded with a delicious dinner of hamburgers, coleslaw, green beans, and fries while Ben raised the courtesy flag of Brazil. We are now going to bed, relieved that our next paper isnt due for another five days, and excited about the fact that we are going to get to see land again tomorrow.

Robbie was very helpful today and worked very hard on his essay today. It was amazing the effort he put into his work today.