Location: 6 54.97'W 25 37.05'W

Hello all!

Its skipper Patrick here with the update for day 35 of our journey across the Atlantic. We woke to the now-familiar hum of the engine this morning, and my watch team (team 3) took the deck at 0800. After a *lavish* oatmeal breakfast, we proceeded to get an early start to the BA (boat appreciation) for this passage. Today, that involved emptying all of the deck lockers, scrubbing the insides with Salt-away and water, and putting everything back inside. With any luck, getting this work done now will allow us to have more shore time in Fernando de Noronha. People who werent on watch were either busy sleeping or working on their Oceanography Literature reviews in the Saloon.

Come midday, we had soup for lunch courtesy of head chef Colin. As of lunchtime, we had traveled 168 nautical miles in the past day an average rate of 7 knots. Right now, our expected time of arrival in Fernando is sometime in the afternoon or evening of this upcoming Wednesday.

After lunch, we had Oceanography and Seamanship classes, followed by showers and some free time. For dinner, head chef Colin brought us a cheesy Sausage and Pasta bake. Afterward, it was clean up and then off to sleep (a.k.a. working on Oceanography papers) for everyone, not on watch. Thats all for today, folks!

To my parents: No, I didnt have any of the Mahi Mahi sashimi, and I *shouldnt* have worms.

To Jo: Happy Valentines day! I hope youre doing well, and I love you very much!

To Christopher: Happy belated birthday, and sorry I didnt get a chance to say so before we left St. Helena!

Skipper Patrick out.