Location: 7 54.26'S 23 13.82'W

The days of passage have begun to fly by. With our 24-hour watch schedule, its sometimes difficult to tell the days apart. Today, for example, was a day that very much blended in with all the others. That is unless you count the fact that we had our first major exam our oceanography midterm and we had delicious pizza for dinner!
The oceanography exam has been a major stressor for a lot of the crew in the days leading up to it. The classes here, especially the science classes of oceanography and marine biology, tend to cover a lot of material in a short time span. At least it feels that way because we are so busy every day, and the days fly by. Luckily, one of the many wonderful things about living on Argo is that we are all living with all our classmates and our professors. This means that it is very easy to find people to study with, and any questions you might come up with have an answer just on the other side of a water-tight door!
With so much of our days taken up on watch, what better time to study for our exams! A lot of the time we spend on watch includes six of us sitting around in the cockpit chatting, enjoying the sun, and keeping spirits up on the long nights. A frequent sight when approaching the cockpit on days leading up to exams are several people sitting around the helmsman quizzing each other on cnidarians, cephalopods, seafloor spreading, convection cells, and pycnoclines. After many days of helping each other prepare for the test, we were (mostly) feeling ready to ace it!
After diligently sweating through the midterm in the (increasingly sweltering) salon, we got a chance for deck showers, followed by the making of the pizza. The heat in the galley can be unbearable on the best of days. On a hot day like today, all the hatches were open, letting the smell of the baking delicacy waft up onto the deck, where the crew began salivating in anticipation.
The pizza was delicious, thanks to our chefs Lilli, Dan, and Natalia, and our Breadmaker Ellie. With a coordinated shout of PIZZA!, we all went off to our clean-up jobs and were headed to sleep with a happy tummy except watch team 3, who have the 8:00 pm-midnight watch tonight.