Location: 22 51.

The saltwater showers are getting warmer, weve all perfected our oatmeal recipes, and were now partially nocturnal. It took some getting used to, but now a few days out from St. Helena, with over 1,000 nautical miles under our belt, were looking more like a team who knows a thing or two about sailing. The 3:30 am wakeups that were once daunting are becoming tolerable, and some might even say enjoyable (emphasis on some). Morale is high as we sail into St. Helena, with a projected arrival of February 5th. Were all eager to stretch our legs and restock our snack supplies. Some of us have more restraint than others and have somehow managed to ration; others have a lot to learn – I side with the latter. Oreos have legitimately become a form of currency.

Today we perfected our knots in seamanship, learned about cnidarians, and hoovered down quesadillas and stir-fry. Looking ahead, we have snorkeled with whale sharks, hikes, and much more to look forward to when we anchor in T-4 days. Please cross your fingers for well-stocked grocery stores.

Until next time

PS. Mom and Dad, Im alive and well.