Location: 19 35.49'S 0 07.98'E

Today started off with someone bursting into my room to briefly announce that Harrison had another fish on the line. Normally I take a little while to wake up in the morning, but when I heard the news, I was up the stairs in less than a minute. Unfortunately, as we were about to pull a MASSIVE BIG EYE TUNA onto the boat, the fish spat the hook and swam away… So much for sushi in the morning. Of course, everyone was a tad bit disappointed about the entire ordeal, but it also made everyone more eager to snag something bigger!

We are currently 400 miles away from St. Helena and should be arriving in about 2-3 days. Argo is doing well, aside from the boom ordeal, and everyone is high in morale and ready for the next challenge. As I write this, we are about to cross the Prime Meridian; I personally think that’s an awesome achievement.

Some exams are on the way; I happened to be the first one to break a computer, so a little extra studying for me, but it looks like everyone should pass with flying colors.

I want to shout out my Mom and Dad, and sister. Love you guys tremendously. Can’t wait to tell you all the stories.

Ian Haag